Tips for Dealing with a Whining Child

Baby's Mouth Screaming


Parents of a whining child often ask themselves and others, “Why does my child whine?”  Children can whine for various reasons, but in most cases, it is because we let them.

Like adults, children have two basic emotional needs, attention and power.  Children only continue behaviors that get results.  When a child whines and the parent gives in, they realize that whining gets them what they want.  If you do not address this behavior, it could continue into your child’s teenage years.

When a child whines, it may seem annoying and irritating to the parent, but the child is often just looking for attention.

Some quick tips to help parents cope with a whining child are :

  1. Take control of the situation – Refuse to let it bother you to the point of giving in to the behavior.
  2. Speak with your child – Pick a quiet time and tell your child that there’s a new rule – If he/she whines, you will not respond.
  3. Revisit politeness – Remind your child that “asking nicely” will get them a much more positive response to their request.
  4. Praise – Give your child positive reinforcement for not whining.

Most of all, remind yourself that there is no crisis when your child is whining.  This will allow you to deal rationally with the matter at hand.



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