Stress Baking

During the holiday season people are merrier, cheerier and a lot more stressed!  Holiday shopping, expenses and the enhanced workload that comes along with the season could easily cause a person to become burnt out.

There are many “how to’s” available on relieving stress during the holiday season and traditional occupational therapies have been suggested for years to relieve many symptoms of holiday stress and anxiety, but have you ever heard about the stress relieving method of “stress baking?”

It is a proven fact that physical activities can help improve your health, which in turn can combat the holiday blues.  Experts have suggested that baking can helped lift seasonal depression, as it is a way of channeling all the negative energy into creating something positive.

The cold winter weather prohibits several outdoor, stress relieving activities, making baking a great option to immerse yourself into a new hobby.

According to both mental health and culinary experts, baking could very well be helpful in relieving symptoms of anxiety.  For instance, kneading a batch of dough for 10 or 15 minutes may take away a great deal of the frustration and negativity you may be feeling.

There are so many recipe sites online and in books to help you get started.  So try your hand at baking , it is a great way to  relieve stress and let’s not forget, you get to taste the yummy home baked goods!

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