Meet Our Doctors: Dr. Xun Li

This month, Jamaica Hospital Medical Center would like to tell you more about Dr. Xun Li. He is a full-time attending neurosurgeon at both Jamaica and Flushing Hospital Medical Center who treats patients experiencing various brain and spine problems. Dr. Li is a dual-trained spine surgeon, meaning that he is able to perform surgeries within the spinal cord itself in addition to the bones, joints, ligaments, and discs around the spinal cord.

Dr. Li’s interest in neurosurgery stems from the effects of aging on the brain and spine. “As we age, most of us develop problems with our necks and backs due to being creatures that walk upright on two feet,” said Dr. Li. “However, the good news is that spine surgery has advanced so rapidly over the past couple of decades that we now have simple and effective surgical solutions for many problems. The days of simply accepting that neck and back pain is part of getting older are, thankfully, long gone.”

Dr. Li was born in Beijing, China, and grew up traveling around the world as part of his father’s career. He attended many local schools and learned a variety of languages during this time, but at home, he and his family only spoke Mandarin Chinese. “I am very thankful for that now,” said Dr. Li, “as I have not lost my mother tongue like so many other people in my shoes.”

After attending schools such as Allegheny College, Temple University, Brown University, and the University of Pennsylvania, as well as completing his education in neurosurgery and a subspecialty fellowship in orthopedic spine surgery, Dr. Li found that the opportunity to work at Jamaica and Flushing Hospital in Queens allowed him to take advantage of his bilingual fluency in Mandarin Chinese and English in a way he had always wanted.

“When the opportunity to work in Queens presented itself, I embraced it enthusiastically. It has been very fulfilling to be able to speak with my patients in our native language; it creates a stronger bond and deeper sense of trust as we discuss various brain or spine surgeries that are often inherently high risk, but that also come with high reward,” said Dr. Li.

In addition to performing emergency neurosurgery at Jamaica and Flushing Hospital, Dr. Li also treats routine simple and complex neurological problems for patients during regular business hours.

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