MediSys Health Network CEO Named to the Mayor’s Health Equity Task Force

On February 17, New York City Mayor Eric Adams announced the formation of his administration’s COVID-19 Recovery Roundtable and Health Equity Task Force. This task force was created to advise the administration on long-term, comprehensive policies around health equity and health access.

This roughly 40-person commission, unprecedented for its diversity, is comprised of a group of leaders from 11 different industries from across the city. One of those chosen to join this esteemed panel of leaders is MediSys (Jamaica and Flushing Hospital) President and CEO, Bruce J. Flanz.

Mr. Flanz, along with the other members of the COVID-19 Recovery Roundtable and Health Equity Task Force will meet monthly and focus their attention on continuing the city’s path to a speedy, effective, and equitable recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic as well as building a healthier and stronger city for all New Yorkers.

According to Mayor Adams, “We cannot build a just and prosperous recovery for all New Yorkers without bringing together and listening to experts and community leaders from across the city. The COVID-19 Recovery Roundtable and Health Equity Task Force brings not only the best minds together to build a speedy recovery, but a lasting one. I’m grateful to the members for bringing their time and ideas to the city as we work towards this shared goal.”

First Deputy Mayor Lorraine Grillo added, “I’m thrilled to have leaders from every corner of New York City as part of our COVID-19 Recovery Roundtable and Health Equity Taskforce. Thank you to everyone who has joined this effort, I’m looking forward to rolling up our sleeves and getting to work developing long term policies to guide our city through a just and equitable recovery.” 

Mr. Flanz stated, “I am extremely proud to serve on this task force and I commend Mayor Adams for addressing these important issues. Representing two Queens-based hospitals located at the epicenter of the COVID pandemic, I witnessed first-hand the devastating effects the pandemic had on our communities that already face many socio-economic challenges. I look forward to working with this diverse group of talented individuals to address these disparities and create a more equitable health system for all.”

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