Employee Spotlight Shines on Crystal Faninn

This month we shine our employee spotlight on Crystal Fannin, Emergency Department Registrar Supervisor. One of the many things that make Crystal special is that she has been working in the same department for over 39 years. Jamaica Hospital has been her only job and she is very proud to tell that to everyone she meets. She is very proud of the fact that she signed one of the bricks that was used to build the new main building and was also one of the people who got to sign the last steel beam placed in the new Trump Pavilion.

Crystal was born in Brooklyn and moved to Queens when she was 11 years old. She attended Andrew Jackson High School and currently lives in the St. Albans area. She has two children, a son and a daughter and two grandchildren. Her children and grandchildren were all born at Jamaica Hospital so she has experience on many levels of the quality care people receive.

Though Crystal spends much of her time at work, she does have a variety of things that she enjoys in her free time. She loves to cook, all types of food but her favorite is soul food, especially ribs and cornbread. She enjoys all kinds of music, in particular funk and jazz, and at one time she even played the drums. One of her favorite activities is going to the racetrack. Crystal says you only live once and you have to have fun. To prove her point, she has gone skydiving twice.

Over the years, Crystal has done just about everything an emergency room registrar can do. She knows many of the patients by name because she has seen them so many times. She can be described as a real people person. Everyone who meets her feels her sincerity and compassion. Jamaica Hospital is like a family to her and that is why she enjoys coming to work every day. Crystal feels very strongly about giving back to the hospital and the community. She and her mother raised money, much of it their own, to buy toys for the children during holiday time.

She is truly an important part of the Jamaica Hospital family and we are happy to be able to shine the spotlight on her this month.

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