Caring for Baby Teeth

A baby’s teeth are very important and providing them with proper care is necessary to make sure they don’t develop cavities later in life.

Dental care for a baby starts even before their teeth start to break through the gums. The first steps that should be taken with an infant are to make sure their gums are kept clean. This is done by using a soft wash cloth or a soft gauze pad and wiping the gums at least twice a day, especially after each feeding. This will help to remove harmful bacteria that may accumulate.

Once a baby’s teeth start to develop, between six and eight months of age, a toothbrush specially designed for them should be used. These toothbrushes have very soft bristles and a small head to fit into a baby’s mouth. It isn’t necessary to use toothpaste at the beginning. Most babies will start to develop

To prevent cavities from developing, a baby should only be given water, milk, or formula. Things to stay away from are fruit juices, sodas, and sugary drinks.

A pediatric dentist can help provide tips to care for your baby’s teeth and to insure that they develop properly. A first visit with a dentist should be scheduled around their first birthday. If you would like to schedule an appointment with a pediatric dentist at , please call .

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