How Long After a Meal Should I Wait to Swim?

We have all been warned to wait 30 minutes after eating before going into the pool, but is that a Fact or a Myth?

Well, in this instance, it is a myth.  Swimming on a full stomach does not impact your ability to swim.  It is true that blood rushes into the stomach to aid in the digestion process, but it is not enough blood to cause your muscles to lose energy and function.

There are cases of stomach upset when swimming after eating a large meal such as cheese burgers, fries, or wings.  A good suggestion would be, if you desire to go into the pool directly after eating, you may want to make a healthier food choice to avoid any type of stomach upset and if you have eaten a heavy meal start off with a low to moderate level of swimming intensity.

Although developing cramps can happen while swimming on a full stomach, they would not be debilitating enough to cause drowning.  In fact, Less than one percent of drowning deaths in the United States have been linked to a full stomach.



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