What Is The Best Way To Treat A Bee Sting?

Sting First Aid

Getting stung by a bee is not the most pleasant experience to say the least. In the event that you are stung by a bee here are a few helpful steps to follow:

  1. Remove the stinger as soon as you can, as it only takes seconds for the venom to enter your body. Scrape the stinger off the best way that you can (example: fingernail, tweezer,credit card ).
  2. Wash the sting area with soap and water.
  3. Apply cold compresses or ice to relieve pain and ease swelling.

The treatment steps for minor reactions to bee stings are not as effective for those who have severe allergic reactions. If you are allergic to bees and are stung, contact your primary care provider or seek emergency medical care immediately. Severe reactions may need epinephrine, by way of an  Epi-Pen.

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