Breakfast is Important

Let’s start with a question on this #WellnessWednesday.  What did your child have for breakfast this morning?

If the answer is “nothing” you may want to read on.

Nutritional experts have concluded that children who leave the house without eating a balanced breakfast are more apt to be tired, irritable and fidgety.  Conversely, nutritional experts have found that when your child eats breakfast, regularly, there is a marked improvement in their energy, attitude, general health and test score performance.

Some tips to help you to incorporate breakfast into your child’s morning routine are:

  • Prepare clothing, books, and school supplies the night before to leave more time in the morning for breakfast
  • Set the alarm for 15 minutes earlier
  • Choose foods that require little preparation such as fresh fruits, milk, yogurt, cheese, eggs, whole grain cereals or hot oatmeal
  • For children with slight appetites, offer a fruit smoothie or breakfast bar

Probably the best way to get your children to eat breakfast is to be a good role model.  As adults, we can be very busy and may sacrifice our own breakfast in the morning.  Sit down and join your child for a good first meal of the day.  By doing so, you will show them the value of eating breakfast.





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