Fun Facts About Your Eyebrows

Our eyebrows – they are two (for some, maybe one) tufts of hair that grow directly above our eyes. Throughout our evolution, we have lost most of the hair that once covered our bodies, yet the eyebrow remains. Why? Actually there are a few good reasons why they remain in the middle of our face.

ThinkstockPhotos-476108777Our eyebrows offer protection for our eyes. Like our eye lashes, eyebrows deflect dirt from entering the eyes. They also trap liquids like rain or sweat from running down our face and into our eyes. They even offer protection from glaring rays from the sun.

In addition, your eyebrows serve as markers for our face. Without them, identifying someone is much more difficult than you would think. In a recent study, researchers showed people images of famous celebrities without their eyebrows. Amazingly, the participants were only able to identify 46% of the faces.

Lastly, your eyebrows are a crucial tool in non-verbal communication. This collection of about 250 hairs is considered the most expressive parts of our faces. Think about it! You can tell exactly how someone is feeling based on the positioning of their eyebrows. If they have furrowed brows they’re probably angry. If one is raised it could mean they are feeling inquisitive or confused, and if they are feeling shocked, both eyebrows might be raised.

So, now you know, our eyebrows were not just placed on our heads to be plucked or waxed. They actually have some really interesting purposes.

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