Fun Fact Friday: How Much Paper Does Jamaica Hospital Recycle Every Year?

Jamaica Hospital Fun Fact:

Jamaica Hospital and its partners in the MediSys Health Network understand the importance of “Going Green” to help the planet.

Paper and cardboard

A few years ago we established EcoMediSys, a committee of hospital employees responsible for evaluating how the hospital could become more environmentally conscious. One of the many ways we have achieved our goals is through our paper usage.

In 2010, Jamaica Hospital printed over 19 million copies of paper. Thanks to the implementation of an electronic medical records system and incorporating other operating efficiencies, we have reduced that amount to just over 6 million last year – a reduction of over 300 percent.

In addition, we increased our recycling efforts. According to our most recent data, Jamaica Hospital now recycles an average of over 240,000 pounds of paper annually.

Paper usage is just one example of how Jamaica Hospital is dedicated to helping the environment.