Swimming after Eating – How Long Should You Wait ?

Is it true or is it a myth that people should wait 30 minutes or even an hour after eating before they go swimming ?

According to some health experts,  this rule is merely a myth.  Some people will experience stomach cramps if they do anything vigorous after a meal, but moderate swimming or any type of exercise shouldn’t cause any serious side effects.

The process of eating and digestion diverts some blood away from the muscles in the arms and legs and sends it towards the stomach and the intestines to aid in digestion. In most cases there is still enough blood for all of the body parts to function normally after a meal. In extreme cases when excessive exercise begins right after a meal, cramping can occur due to lack of oxygen, but this isn’t common.

Although there is very little risk of cramping associated with going swimming right after eating, it is still better to be safe and wait.

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