Meet Ann Marie Gonzalez

This month we would like to introduce you to Ann Marie Gonzalez, Senior Accounting Clerk in the Business Office at Jamaica Hospital Medical Center. Ann Marie has been with the hospital for over 17 years and is well known to everyone at the hospital for her warm personality and enthusiasm.
Ann Marie grew up in Williamsburg Brooklyn and is a graduate of Grover Cleveland High School in Ridgewood. Her Italian family background taught her to love family and friends and have respect for other people. She is married to her husband Joe who also works at Jamaica Hospital and has two daughters, the older one recently got married . Ann Marie and her family currently live in Manalapan New Jersey and they share their home with a cat and dog which they adore.
She enjoys entertaining at her home and the more people that show up the happier she is. Ann Marie is known for her cooking and her baking skills which she learned from her mother and grandmother. Nobody leaves a dinner party at her house feeling hungry. She is also known for her generosity. If anyone ever needs anything they know that they can count on her to be there for them.
There are so many reasons why Ann Marie enjoys working at Jamaica Hospital. Her co-workers are like family to her. They work well together as a team and she looks forward to coming to work every morning because of all these wonderful people. Ann Marie enjoys interacting with the patients both on the phone and in person, always trying to make sure they have a pleasant experience. She is thankful for all of the opportunities that Jamaica Hospital has given to her and her family.
Ann Marie brings her joy of life to Jamaica Hospital. She always wants to make a positive impact on other people’s lives and through her cheerful personality, she makes every day a little bit nicer for everyone she meets.

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