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Let our podiatrists help treat your painful corns and calluses

Corns and calluses are thick layers of skin that can cover parts of your feet, reducing sensation and potentially causing tenderness and pain. Corns often form on the top or outer edges of the toes, while calluses typically develop in areas of the soles and toes that experience frequent friction and pressure such as the balls and heels of the feet. Corns are often smaller and more than calluses when pressed, while calluses typically cause little to no pain.

Approximately five percent of people throughout the United States experience painful corns and calluses each year, often without seeking the help of a podiatrist. Many of these cases can be treated at home through methods such as soaking in warm water, wearing properly-fitting shoes, applying moisturizing lotion or cream to the affected area, and keeping the toenails trimmed. However, certain cases may require the help of a medical professional.

Corns and calluses may develop repeatedly due to certain underlying issues, such as a genetic predisposition to forming them or a misaligned bone causing excess friction against your feet when you move. A podiatrist can help through several different treatment approaches, including corn and callus removal, deformity correction surgery, and orthotic shoe inserts.


Corn and Callus Removal

When you visit your podiatrist, they can trim the excess skin from corns and calluses using specialized tools such as scalpels. This should only be performed by your podiatrist, as removing too much skin can cause you to develop an infection. 


Deformity Correction Surgery

If a misaligned bone or other physical deformity in your foot is leading to excess friction and causing corns and calluses to develop, our podiatric surgeons can correct the problem.


Corns and calluses caused by foot deformities such as flat feet can also be treated through orthotic shoe inserts. These are prescribed by your podiatrist and custom-made to provide padding to your feet.


Let our podiatrists relieve pain and discomfort from your corns and calluses

Our NYC callus removal surgery specialists are ready to help you experience greater comfort by providing you with treatment that targets the root causes of your corns and calluses. To schedule an appointment, please call (718) 206-6712.

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