patients receive comprehensive rehabilitation services at Jamaica Hospital Medical CenterThe Department of Rehabilitation at Jamaica Hospital Medical Center provides sophisticated and personalized care to individuals living with injuries involving nerves, bones, or joints, or experiencing acute or chronic pain syndromes.

The Department of Rehabilitation offers a wide range of inpatient and out patient services and is staffed with highly-skilled therapists and physicians, trained to treat a wide variety of neuromuscular or musculoskeletal injuries, traumatic brain injuries/neurological injuries, pain syndromes, and other disabilities.

Inpatient Services

The department’s inpatient programs include the Margaret T. Palomino Inpatient Rehabilitation Unit and The James and Sarah Brady Institute for coma recovery and traumatic brain injury.

The Margaret T. Palomino Inpatient Rehabilitation Unit specializes in treating individuals with acute physical disabilities and who also require intensive and comprehensive rehabilitation services in order to maximize their ability to function. The program uses an interdisciplinary approach for treatment and provides cross specializations to ensure that patients receive the best quality rehabilitative care.

Services offered in the inpatient program include:

  • Psychiatry
  • Nursing
  • Physical therapy
  • Occupational therapy
  • Speech therapy
  • Audiology
  • Psychology
  • Vocational counseling
  • Neuropsychology
  • Cognitive rehabilitation
  • Therapeutic recreation
  • Social work services
  • Case management

For additional information about the Department of Rehabilitation, contact 718-206-6595.

Outpatient Services

The Department of Rehabilitation’s outpatient program is designed to provide continuity of rehabilitation services to individuals requiring ongoing therapeutic services. By providing aggressive professional and personalized care, the objective is for its patients to recover and return their highest level of functioning. Outpatient services include:

Physical and Occupational Therapy

  • Comprehensive evaluation and treatment plans for individuals requiring pain management or therapeutic treatment for neurologic or orthopedic/musculoskeletal conditions

Speech Therapy/ Audiology

  • Newborn audio screenings
  • Comprehensive audiological assessments for children, adults, and seniors
  • Comprehensive speech language and swallowing evaluations and treatment

Behavioral Medicine

  • Cognitive/neurophyschological services

Specialized OPD Services

  • Specialized hand therapy evaluations
  • Assessments for orthotic devices
  • Prosthetic/orthotic Clinic

Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program

  • Comprehensive education and management of disease process
  • Physical and occupational therapy on exercise and Activities of Daily Living (ADL) management

For additional information on Jamaica Hospital’s outpatient rehabilitation program, please call 718-206-7140.