Jamaica Hospital Women’s Health Center

Jamaica Hospital’s Department of Women’s Health Services provides a comprehensive array of OB/GYN services. The center offers an innovative group-modeled Centering Care Program to meet women’s prenatal care needs. We have designed our modern Labor, Delivery, and Recovery suites to provide a warm and supportive atmosphere to deliver your baby when the time comes. After your baby is born, our attentive staff can provide many support services to you and your baby, highlighted by our widely recognized breastfeeding/chestfeeding initiatives.

OB/GYN Services

We also offer first-rate services for women in or around Queens looking for a Jamaica Hospital OB/GYN. Our specially trained staff of doctors offer expert diagnosis and treatment options for multiple forms of gynecological cancers, as well as services to treat complications that may develop from fibroid tumors, bladder conditions, or menopause.

Take Advantage of Our Jamaica Hospital Women’s Health Center Services Today!

At Jamaica Hospital’s Department of Women’s Health Services, we are passionate about meeting the various needs of women in our community. We proudly treat women from all walks of life, and we provide a warm and welcoming environment. To learn more about our OB / GYN services in Jamaica Queens or to make an appointment, please contact us at 718-291-3276 for more information. We strive to ensure that every woman receives the care she needs throughout her pregnancy, delivery, and beyond.



I had a very easy and positive experience because of the care they gave me...They were all too kind to me, my baby, and my mother

R. Shittu

The service was perfect. I didn't have anything but good experiences.

K. Mentor

I want to thank you for taking the time and all the patience with me. Once it was time for my delivery, it was smooth.

B. Centeno

The kind and attentive staff at JHMC surpassed our expectations in supporting our medical needs and emotional concerns.

A. Teran

The doctors and nurses were helpful, friendly, and accommodating. I'm very grateful for the experience!

B. Henryhand

The staff was efficient, organized, and coordinated and gave me the impression that they had a sense of urgency...They understood my needs and concerns and communicated with me every step of the way.

Y. Dolan

My labor and delivery experience at Jamaica Hospital was a 10 out of 10. From the minute I came to triage to when I left postpartum, I had a great experience with every staff member I encountered. In triage, I was greeted by a nurse who was very nice and moved in a prompt manner to get me into a room. My birth plan was reviewed to ensure I had the birth that I wanted. I am so grateful for the team that was there that day, because although my birth was long and hard, everything I wanted was respected and everyone was so encouraging and motivating. I am so happy and grateful for the outcome. Thank you.

T. Barnes

Jamaica Hospital Medical Center is an excellent hospital. Right from the moment I walked in, everyone I interacted with was amazing. My doctor was the best and you can tell he really takes care of his patients. The nurses were very polite and cooperative. And was exceptional in all matters from the date of admission to discharge.

P. Lama