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Your feet are two of the most frequently-used parts of your body, allowing you to walk to all sorts of places and participate in a wide range of physical recreational activities. Naturally, this frequent usage also makes them prone to various types of injuries, including fractures, lacerations, tendon tears, and ligament injuries.

No matter what kind of injury you’ve sustained, it is critically important to get high-quality care as soon as possible to begin the recovery process and get back on your feet again. Left untreated, a foot injury can lead to a variety of problems beyond simply hindering your ability to move; they can potentially cause deformities, infections, and chronic conditions to develop.

The podiatrists at Jamaica Hospital Medical Center can accurately diagnose your injury and determine the right path forward for treatment. Certain injuries, such as fractures, may require surgery to effectively treat; others may only require you to manage symptoms and keep the affected foot at rest. However severe the problem may be, our podiatrists can help make your recovery as quick and complete as possible.

Plantar Plate Repair

A plantar plate tear occurs when the connective tissue running through the sole of the foot becomes damaged, leading to pain or numbness between the toes and on the ball of the foot. An acute injury may be repaired by sewing the plantar plate back together in the correct position. A chronic injury may involve additional procedures if deformities have developed.

Fracture Care

If you are experiencing foot pain due to a fracture, a podiatrist can diagnose it through imaging procedures such as an x-ray or MRI. We offer open reduction and internal fixation surgical procedures for digital and metatarsal fractures, as well as surgical care for all other types of foot fractures.

Ligamentous Injury Management

Ligament injuries such as strains and sprains may be accompanied by sudden, severe pain to the affected area, a loud pop or snap, swelling, looseness, spasms in the surrounding muscles, and an inability to put pressure on the affected area without pain. Our podiatrists can diagnose the extent of the injury and determine the right approach to treatment.

Tendon Repair

A tendon tear (also known as a tendon rupture) may occur due to chronic tendinitis or a sudden increase in the amount of pressure being placed on the tendon due to changes in your physical activities. It may lead to severe pain and swelling in the affected area as well as an inability to bend the foot downward while walking. Our podiatrists can perform surgery to repair a ruptured tendon and create a treatment plan to guide your recovery.

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