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Certain severe injuries and conditions may require amputation of part or all of your feet for the preservation of your overall physical well-being. Diabetes, in particular, strongly increases your risk of requiring an amputation; the loss of sensation in the feet that accompanies this condition for many patients can lead to untreated wounds and, ultimately, infection of the feet.

Other medical problems may also necessitate an amputation, however. The removal of certain foot tumors may cause severe trauma to the tissues of the affected area, leaving a wound that may be difficult to treat through traditional therapies. Certain foot deformities may also increase your risk of amputation if they are disruptive to the flow of blood to the feet.

Although sometimes necessary, an amputation can be debilitating when it comes to your mobility and ability to perform your routine daily activities. However, podiatric limb salvage surgery may allow you to avoid a potentially unnecessary amputation and preserve the normal functions of your feet to the greatest extent possible.

If you’re diagnosed with an injury or condition that leaves you at risk for a potential future amputation, discuss with your doctor whether a limb salvage procedure may be right for you during the course of treatment. Limb salvage surgery can be performed using tissue from other parts of the body or from donors. In certain cases, it may also involve the usage of prosthetic implants to replace damaged or infected bones.

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