The following visitors are currently permitted:

Pediatrics and NICU: One parent/guardian (two may be designated but only one may be with the patient at any time).

Hospice and end-of life: Family members or legal representatives in imminent end of life situations only.

Labor and Delivery:
One support person per patient during labor, delivery and immediate post-partum care. Discharge: One visitor to pick up a discharged patient.

“Medically Necessary” visitor:
identified as essential to the care of the patient as determined by the patient’s care provider only. The Jamaica Hospital Medical Center may limit the hours or duration of visitation or visitation in any circumstance that may be harmful to the Medical Center, its patients or staff.

All visitors permitted under this policy will be screened upon entering the facility including temperature readings every 12 hours. Visitors will also be screened for potential exposure to COVID-19.

Visitors must be free of fever, rash, cough, cold and any other contagious illness.

No visitors displaying symptoms of illness are permitted to visit