How long can I volunteer for?

We generally asked for a minimum of a three month commitment. But there may be specific time commitment for special programs.

Is there an age requirement?

Yes, our minimum age is 16

How long is the process before I can volunteer?

Approximately 2- 4 weeks

Will I be able to shadow a doctor or perform clinical tasks?

No, there’s no shadowing or clinical experience through the Volunteer Department.

After my volunteer experience can I get a job?

Volunteering does not guarantee employment.

How long do you keep applications?

Online applications are deleted from the systems after 6 months of inactivity.

What happens next?

After the interview you will be given a medical clearance form. It has to be taken to your doctor to be filled out and brought back to our health office. The form will be looked over then the office will administer a drug screening. If all goes well it can take about 2-5 days to be medically cleared.

Once you are medically cleared, you will be contacted about a scheduled mandatory four hour orientation.

After attendance of orientation you will be contacted again to set up a schedule and start date.