Jamaica Hospital is founded as a hospital dedicated to primarily serving accident victims. The bulk of the patients received in the early years of operation are severe surgical trauma cases.
The Spanish-American war creates overwhelming demand for hospital facilities, and Jamaica Hospital opens its doors and dedicates every available inch of space to wounded soldiers. Not one of these patients dies in Jamaica Hospital’s care.
Jamaica Hospital acquires its first horse-drawn ambulance.
Keeping up with the times, Jamaica Hospital replaces the horse-drawn ambulance with a Cadillac ambulance.
9-year-old John Guerin falls on a pair of scissors, piercing his heart. Jamaica Hospital surgeons perform the first penetrating heart trauma operation in New York state, saving the boy’s life.
On June 24th, Eastern Airlines Flight 66 crashes at JFK, killing 109 passengers and 6 crew members. Survivors are rushed to Jamaica Hospital, where they are treated with serious injuries.
On July 24th, two metal fabricating factories explode in Queens, killing 5 and injuring 39. Jamaica Hospital does its part in admitting and treating casualties.
In August, Hurricane Andrew strikes Florida. Jamaica Hospital mobilizes relief efforts, and is recognized by Governor Mario Cuomo for its humanitarian work in disaster relief aid.
Members of the 102nd Precinct recognize Jamaica Hospital for service to their officers.
TWA Flight 800 crashes shortly after departing JFK, killing all 230 people on board. Jamaica Hospital leads efforts to reach out to survivor’s families and respond to psychological trauma.
Jamaica Hospital is recognized for outstanding service by the Metropolitan Ambulance and First Aid Corporation.
In January, a massive ice storm strikes the North Country. Jamaica Hospital is prepared for the crisis, and is honored by the Healthcare Association of New York State for its disaster relief efforts.
The terrorist attacks of September 11th mobilize all area hospitals. Jamaica Hospital treats patients with both physical and psychological trauma, and organizes relief and disaster response efforts.
The blackout on August 14th puts area hospitals on crisis footing. Jamaica Hospital takes in patients from a local nursing home and at least three other hospitals having problems with backup power.
Jamaica Hospital is recognized as the #1 organ donor hospital by the New York Organ Donor Network.
In late August, Hurricane Katrina devastates the Southern United States. Shortly thereafter, Jamaica Hospital sends relief volunteers to Biloxi, Mississippi and Louisiana.
Hurricane Sandy devastates New York and New Jersey, and Jamaica Hospital remains open and operational to treat patients injured in the storm. Jamaica Hospital also takes relief efforts on the road with its mobile clinic.
Jamaica Hospital sends a 20 person volunteer, bi-lingual team to Puerto Rico as part of a two-week relief mission to help those devastated by Hurricane Maria.