Organizer: SelfHelp Austin Street

Date: 9/18/2019 

Address: 106-06 Queens Blvd. 

Number of Attendees: 19

Participants: Senior Citizens


Among older adults, falls are the leading cause of injury deaths,
unintentional injuries, and hospital admissions for trauma. Falls can take
a serious toll on older adults’ quality of life and independence. To raise
awareness, Jamaica Hospital Medical Center Trauma Division’s injury
prevention coordinator, Alex Ariza, will discuss some of the risk factors
that lead to falls and what one can do to manage them. This includes
everything from home safety, reviewing medications with your doctor,
checking your vision frequently with your eye doctor, and adopting an
exercise program designed to increase strength and balance as you age.

To learn more about Jamaica Hospital Medical Center’s Fall Prevention
initiatives contact:

Alex Ariza
Injury Prevention Coordinator