On Saturday, September 19, 2015 the 103rd Precinct Community Council had their annual Safety Crime Prevention Fair at Detective Keith Williams Park (173rd Street and Liberty Avenue).The purpose of this event was to bring awareness, educate and promote healthy lifestyles and injury prevention within the community. Among the crime prevention services available included VIN etching, demonstrations by the NYPD, health information materials, free screenings and a helmet giveaways. The event also offered individuals to register their bikes in the 103rd Precinct anti-bike theft program.

Injury Prevention Coordinator Sheila Antwi, tabled and educated parents and children on the importance of bicycle safety, pedestrian safety and demonstrated to individuals how to correctly wear a helmet. In addition, there was a second demonstration on how to use and change a fire detector.

The focus of the Trauma Division was to provide injury prevention education to the community. Literature was distributed on bicycle safety which includes the importance of wearing helmets when riding and pedestrian safety.