PentecostalPentecostal Deliverance Center and Jamaica Hospital had their second annual health fair. The event aimed to increase the public’s knowledge on health services, promote healthy lifestyles and educate individuals on injury prevention. The target audience for this event was adults, parents, seniors, and children. Various organizations also participated in the health fair presenting display tables, free screenings, nutrition, CPR, health information and back to school supplies.

This year’s event was attended by members of the Jamaica Hospital Trauma Division Dr. Lee, Director of Emergency Medicine, Ms. Beverly Brown, Program Manager and Ms. Sheila Antwi, Injury Prevention Coordinator.

Dr. Lee, educated individuals on heart disease and discussed tips on how individuals can lower their risk of heart disease by making better lifestyle changes. Beverly Brown, spoke to parents and children on concussion. She also educated them on the causes of concussions, the signs and symptoms. Sheila Antwi, showed and discussed video presentations about the dangers of distracted and drowsy driving including tips on how to prevent distracted driving.

After each presentation there was a short question and answer session. Many individuals were very receptive to the presentation, and left with a better understanding of the dangers of distracted and drowsy driving. Including, recommendations on to lower their risk of heart disease and how to prevent concussions.

The purpose of this event was to raise awareness, educate and promote healthy lifestyles and injury prevention within the community including the dangers of distracted and drowsy driving. The goal of this event was to help decrease the number of preventable trauma related events which has been affecting our surrounding communities.

Jamaica Hospital Medical Center is working towards educating their community on safer driving not only for the drivers passengers, but also pedestrians.