re you looking for something to eat, but don’t want to leave
your friend or relative’s side? Do you crave something delicious,
and healthy at the same time? Did you ever smell something
wonderful and wonder where it came from? Look no further than
Jamaica Hospital’s very own cafeteria.

the cafeteria boasts a wide variety of food to choose from.
But thisisn’t your normal cafeteria fare of greasy hamburgers
and soggy french fries. We offer everything from vegetarian
lasagna, grilled chicken ceasar wraps, and homemade soups.

Walk inside and you’ll also find a full service salad bar,
delicious appetizers, various healthy entrees, a grill, sandwich
station, and much more. Breakfast is served each day until
10:00am, and you can find all your favorites like eggs, bacon,
muffins, bagels, oatmeal, cream of wheat, assorted cereal,
and home fries.

The cafeteria also has soda coolers, and a snack rack filled
with chips and your favorite Hostess and Drake’s cakes for
a snack on the go. And don’t miss out on the special theme
days, such as mexican, or chinese food day.

This isn’t your normal cafeteria, and we promise you’ll find
a delicious, hot meal with something for everyone. So follow
that delicious smell and check out what we have to offer.