The MediSys Health Network has been providing emergency ambulance service in the New York City 911 system for many decades and operates one of the largest hospital-based ambulance services within the five boroughs of New York City.
MediSys Ambulance Service, Inc. is the transport division of the Network’s ambulance program, designed to service the needs of our patients and their physicians.

MediSys ambulances are staffed by highly trained New York State Certified Emergency Medical Technicians trained in airway management, oxygen administration, CPR and defibrillation, orthopedic care, and emergency child birth. Ambulance crews are able to contact specially trained MediSys physicians to obtain instantaneous on-line medical direction, if needed.
MediSys Ambulance teams provide emergency response and inter-facility transports to and from hospitals, private residences, and doctor’s offices on a pre-scheduled or emergent basis.

The MediSys Ambulance Service Transportation Coordination Center (TCC) is the central single point-of-contact for all medical transportation needs of the MediSys Health Network. As the vital communication link, the TCC facilitates the continuity of patient care from the moment a patient, their family, or their physician requests medical transportation.

Highly trained certified emergency medical dispatchers work diligently to coordinate all aspects of patient transportation until the patient safely arrives at their destination. The TCC dispatchers are able to work closely with the patient’s doctor or other care providers to ensure the most appropriate services are provided during transport.

The MediSys TCC utilizes a sophisticated, state-of-the-art computer aided dispatch (CAD) system which allows dispatchers to continually monitor on-time performance. The CAD system is also capable of managing specific pre-loaded information regarding the hundreds of MediSys-affiliated physicians, including office locations and special instructions for the care of their patients. This pertinent information significantly simplifies and shortens the call taking process and ensures the physician’s specific directions are known.

Global positioning locator and mapping systems utilized in the TCC automatically identify the closest available ambulance for each assignment ensuring that patients receive the highest level of patient care and the shortest possible response time.
The MediSys TCC provides services to MediSys Health Network’s hospitals and nursing homes, community ambulatory care centers, and affiliated physician practices, as well as the general public.