Organizer: Friendship Senior Center

Date: October 11th 2018

Address: 92-33 170th Street, Jamaica, NY 11433

Number of Attendees: 40

Participants: Senior Citizens


Older adults (people aged 65 years and older) represent only 13% of New York City’s population but account for 37% of all pedestrian fatalities. Most pedestrian struck accidents and deaths occur just 10 blocks away from a victim’s home. Jamaica Hospital Medical Center’s Trauma Division aims to raise awareness and discuss strategies with senior citizens to prevent these kinds accidents from happening. The workshop focuses on identifying risks such as reckless driving, intersection hazards, backing vehicles, and visual screens to teach seniors how to utilize “defensive walking” to prevent tragedy. 

To learn more about Jamaica Hospital Medical Center’s Pedestrian Safety initiatives contact:

Alex Ariza

Injury Prevention Coordinator

Friendship Senior Center Pedestrian Safety Workshop