FamMedOn August 22, 2015, Jamaica Hospital Medical Center, Family Medicine had their Health and Wellness fair. The purpose of the health and wellness fair was to reach out, educate and promote health education, healthy lifestyles and also injury prevention.

In attendance at this year’s event were members of Jamaica Hospital staff from various departments including Trauma, WIC, Psychiatry, Prevention Services, and Dental. The health fair offered free screenings, back to school supplies, health literature, face painting, health insurance and free giveaways.

The focus of the Trauma Division was to provide injury prevention education to the community and the importance of having the correct car seat including, wearing the correct helmet.

Many parents and children were very receptive to the educational table on having the correct car seat and helmet. Individuals left with a better understanding on how to install a car seat correctly and how to wear a helmet. Everyone who attended our educational table was given extra educational materials to share with friends and family who were unable to attend.

The event was organized by Beth Palmas and Wendy Munoz.