86531357For patients requiring special attention during the final stages of life, Jamaica Hospital Medical Center, in collaboration with the Hospice of New York, recently opened a ten bed in-patient hospice unit.

Located on the fourth floor of Jamaica Hospital’s “C” Building, the unit, managed by the hospital’s Palliative Care Program, provides interdisciplinary care to patients with terminal illnesses.

The unit consists of a team of physicians, nurses, social workers and dieticians who all received specialized training in hospice care. The staff offers a variety of comfort care services including pain management and skilled nursing care, medical social services, medical supply management and counseling to hospice patients. In addition, they provide spiritual support and bereavement services to the families of patients.

“The goal of the unit is to ensure that end of life patients receive comfort care,” explained Dr. Alan Roth, Chairman of Jamaica Hospital’s Department of Family Medicine and Palliative Care Medicine. “We offer our patients a home-like environment that addresses their medical and spiritual needs; as well as the emotional needs of their families.”

To ensure that patients and their families are at peace during their stay, the hospice unit boasts extra large private patient rooms with brand new furniture and amenities. The unit also includes a family meeting room and lounge. Overnight accommodations are available for family members of hospice patients.

Individuals who meet the following criteria are eligible for admission into the hospice unit: have less than two weeks to live; whose medical needs cannot be cared for at home; and/or cannot be medically stabilized to continue care at home.

For additional information about the hospice unit, please call (718) 206-6914.