Centering Pregnancy

Are you looking for prenatal care that offers much more than a traditional 10-minute visit with a doctor? You might be interested in learning about a popular and effective form of prenatal care-CenteringPregnancy.

What is Centering Pregnancy?

CenteringPregnancy maintains all the same patient-centered elements of traditional prenatal care but incorporates them into an interactive experience for moms to be in a group setting.

During a Centering modeled prenatal care visit, a group of women with similar due dates meet regularly, to participate in sessions facilitated by doctors, nurses and midwives. Through this unique model of care, women have an opportunity to share their experiences, receive support, and empower one another, while learning how to maintain healthy pregnancies.

Some of the many benefits of centering care include a reduction in preterm birth, higher birth weight and increased breastfeeding/chestfeeding rates.


What to Expect During Your Centering Pregnancy Journey

At the beginning of each session, patients will have an individual assessment by the care provider before joining their CenteringPregnancy group.

Each group meets for a total of 10 sessions throughout pregnancy. Sessions begin during the first trimester and meet at regular prenatal intervals until delivery. Each group visit lasts under two hours with your healthcare provider guiding the session.

After delivery, the group meets for a reunion session during the postpartum period.

How can you find out more or enroll in a Centering Pregnancy group?

Please call, 718-526-5713 to speak with a Centering Coordinator.