Perils of the Pregnant Partner – Couvade Syndrome

During pregnancy the focus is often on the changes that the expectant mother is experiencing and ignores the emotional changes of the other parent to be, who may be experiencing emotional and physical changes that are valid and deserving of the proper attention and support. 

 Impending parenthood can bring a rush of feelings and fears. Whether the pregnancy is planned or unexpected, the news may cause you to become introspective about many things including your relationship with your partner, the fear of newly acquired responsibilities, financial implications, feelings of inadequacy and, in some cases, sympathy pains or a condition known as, Couvade Syndrome.

 Partners who have Couvade Syndrome experience symptoms that mimic pregnancy such as, constipation, gas, bloating, irritability, weight gain, cravings and nausea right along with the expectant mom. 

Fortunately, the symptoms are almost always temporary and are not treated with medication. They, usually, resolve once the baby is born.

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