Jamaica Hospital First In Queens To Successfully Complete DVT Procedure Using Protrieve™ and ClotTriever BOLD™

Jamaica Hospital Medical Center is the first hospital in Queens to use Protrieve™ and ClotTriever BOLD™ for the treatment of deep vein thrombosis (DVT).

DVT occurs when blood clots develop within a vein located deep inside the body, usually in the legs, but can form in other places such as the pelvis and the arms. These clots block or slow the flow of blood to the rest of the body.

Deep vein thrombosis can happen as a result of injury to the veins, certain medical conditions that affect how blood clots, or being sedentary for an extended period (for example sitting for a long time on a flight without moving).

Symptoms of DVT include lower extremity swelling, red or discolored skin, pain, or a warm feeling in the affected area. In more severe cases, clots may detach and travel to the lungs resulting in a pulmonary embolism, which is potentially life-threatening.

There are several options available to treat DVT. The most common is anticoagulation or the use of blood thinners to prevent new clots from forming. However, anticoagulants do not break down existing clots. An effective treatment for this issue is the use of thrombolytics or “clot-busting” drugs to help dissolve clots in patients with moderate to severe DVT. Although thrombolytic therapy is effective, it is associated with a higher risk of major and fatal bleeding and requires a stay in the ICU.

The Protrieve™ and ClotTriever BOLD™ are important new options for the treatment of moderate or severe DVT. Both are FDA-cleared, clinically proven, and minimally invasive devices, specially designed for the removal of large volumes of clots from the deep vein. DVT removal is completed in a single-session treatment that avoids the use of thrombolytics and an ICU stay. The procedure also offers a lower risk of bleeding, immediate symptom improvement, and faster recovery times.

Jamaica Hospital utilizes cutting-edge surgical technology to treat a wide variety of conditions, including those that are prevalent in its community. As the closest hospital to John F. Kennedy International Airport, where many travelers flying long distances are at risk for DVT and one that serves a population with a high incidence of vascular conditions, having sophisticated tools such as the Protrieve™ and ClotTriever BOLD™ is advantageous in ensuring the best possible outcomes for patients.

Jamaica Hospital is recognized as one of the nation’s leading hospitals for surgery. The hospital is ranked number two in New York for surgical care by Healthgrades. It is also the top-ranked hospital in Queens, New York, and is among the top 5% in the nation for this area of expertise.

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