I Am So Stressed! Where Are My Cigarette’s?

quit smoking -480601895Is smoking a cigarette when you are stressed, depressed or irritable a proven way to relieve those emotions or improve your mood?

The answer is, no. The relief you get from smoking comes from the act of taking the “time out” necessary to smoke a cigarette. It does not have to do with the chemical actions of nicotine in your brain.

If you finish your cigarette and return to your stressful situation, the feeling of tension will come back. Therefore, the act of smoking is only a temporary solution for handling stress.

A proven way to control stress, tension or depression in your life is to identify what brings on those emotions and learning how to change the way you react to the events and situations in your life.

If you have been using smoking as a way to reduce stress, a great time to
“kick the habit” is to participate in The Great American Smoke out, Wednesday, November 18th, 2015.

Jamaica Hospital Medical Center can help. Enroll, today, for our smoking cessation classes. For more information or to register, call: 718-206-8494.


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