7 Tips That Can Help You Survive Teething

teething496311441Around the age of four to seven months babies will begin teething.  This process can be painful and frustrating for both baby and parents.  Teething often results in crying or crankiness for infants and lack of sleep or irritability for parents. There are several ways in which parents can help soothe their baby’s gums, survive teething and possibly get some sleep.

Ways parents can help during teething include:

  1. Lightly massaging the gums with a clean finger, wet washcloth or gauze relieves discomfort.
  2. Chilling teething toys, spoons or pacifiers is soothing for sore gums. It is recommended that you do not place these items in the freezer as objects that are too cold may damage the baby’s gums.
  3. Applying topical medications such as numbing gels can help in relieving pain.
  4. Giving the infant a cold washcloth dipped in water, breast milk or chamomile tea to chew on, can be very comforting.
  5. Adding chilled fruits such as bananas or strawberries to a mesh feeder can be delicious and provide relief.
  6. Rubbing clove oil on gums can help ease pain.
  7. Breastfeeding can provide comfort and pain relief.

While there is no definitive time when teething may end, the process is typically completed during the toddler years. Trying these methods could make this period in your baby’s development less painful and stressful.  It is recommended that parents consult a pediatrician before applying these methods.

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