10 Tips for Dining Out For Those With High Blood Pressure


Dining out is a treat we look forward to because we get to try new foods or indulge in our favorite cuisines. However, it is recommended that if you are diagnosed with high blood pressure to be mindful of the foods you pick from the menu.  It is suggested that you stick to a diet that is low in saturated fats, does not contain MSG and has very little sodium or no added salt.

Nutritionists also advise that practicing the following tips when dining out will help in controlling blood pressure levels.

  1. Choose appetizers with fruits or vegetables, instead of salty treats.
  2. Ask for your food to be prepared without added salt or MSG.
  3. Stay away from the saltshaker.
  4. Select foods that are prepared using healthy cooking techniques such as grilling or steaming.
  5. Avoid foods that are pickled, smoked or cured.
  6. Cut away excess and visible fat from meats.
  7. Avoid using butter or foods prepared with butter.
  8. Limit sodium intake from condiments by using them sparingly or by asking that they be served on the side.
  9. Steer clear of items that include cheese.
  10. Limit the consumption of alcoholic beverages.

If you have high blood pressure you can still enjoy restaurant meals and make healthy food choices by sticking to the preceding tips.  In addition to eating healthy it is also important to remember to incorporate exercise into your daily routine and take medications as prescribed to help control your blood pressure.

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