Baby’s First Year



If you are a new mom or dad, you may wonder what to expect and how to know if your baby’s development is on target.

In the first 12 months, your baby will undergo an incredible transformation with every month bringing new and exciting developmental strides.

There is a wide “window” for when it is normal for a baby to reach a particular developmental stage. If your baby reaches one milestone sooner and another later, he or she may be focused on perfecting another skill.

Keeping in mind that babies will progress at their own pace, here’s a list of what your baby may be doing during each three-month stage of the first year:

Zero to Three months

  • Early on, it will be just to him/her, but within three months, baby will be smiling in response to your smiles and trying to get you to smile back
  • Raising head and chest when placed on the tummy
  • Track objects with eyes and gradually decrease eye crossing
  • Open and shut hands and bring hands to mouth
  • Grip objects in hands
  • Take swipes at or reach for dangling objects

Four to Six Months

  • Roll over from front to back or back to front. Front to back usually comes first
  • Babble, making sounds that can sound like real language
  • Laugh
  • Reach out for and grab objects
  • Manipulate toys with their hands
  • Sit up with support and have great head control

Seven to Nine Months

  • Start to crawl
  • Sit without support
  • Respond to familiar words such as name
  • Babble becomes “Mama” and “Dada”
  • Clap and play games such as peekaboo
  • Learn to pull up to a standing position

Ten to 12 Months

  • Self-feeding and holding small objects such as O-shaped cereal between thumb and forefinger
  • Cruising or moving around the room
  • “Mama and “Dada” become more specific as a name for parents. The average is about three spoken words by the first birthday
  • Take first steps

If you are concerned that your baby may not be marking the strides expected each month after birth and would like to speak with a pediatrician,  call Jamaica Hospital Medical Center’s Ambulatory Care Center for an appointment at 718-206-7001.





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