What is a 3-D Ultrasound?

One of the most exciting events during a couple’s pregnancy is receiving the ultrasound images of their baby, but many traditional ultrasound images leave a lot to the imagination.

Now, through the advent of 3-D ultrasounds, expectant parents can see much clearer, further defined images of their unborn children. 

2-D, or traditional ultrasounds, are created by interpreting reflected sound waves to form a picture. These pictures are captured by listening to sound waves on a single plain. Three dimensional ultrasounds, however, work by a different process known as “surface rendering”. In this case, the same 2D images are taken, but this time at different angles. These reflections are interpreted through sophisticated software, and a 3D image of the baby is instantly created. The software that creates these images usually also has “coloring” capabilities that can add different flesh tones to enhance the realism of the image.

The benefits of 3D ultrasound extend beyond just an improved picture to share with family. Women who have had a 3D ultrasound believe it has had a positive impact on their pregnancy by enhancing the bond it created with their baby.  Recent studies have also shown that women who received a 3D ultrasound have improved their maternal health habits as a result, including increased exercise, improved diet and the elimination of harmful habits. Another potential benefit is increased paternal involvement during pregnancy.

Jamaica Hospital Medical Center now offers all of its prenatal patients a digital package, which includes a set of 3D images. “The response by the patients has been overwhelming” states Mitchell Cornett, Administrator of OB/GYN at Jamaica Hospital. “To see their faces when they receive the CD with the high definition ultrasound is priceless.”

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