Three Essential Back to School Tips

Although your child may be exposed to several health risks as the new school year begins, you can help them stay healthy by following these tips:

Getting your child vaccinated: Ensuring that your child receives their recommended immunizations is a simple, effective way to keep them from getting sick. In fact, many schools require students to receive their immunizations in order to attend classes.

Hand-washing and sanitization: Hand-washing and sanitizing alone go a long way toward staying in school; according to the Centers for Disease Control, hand-washing can reduce the risk of respiratory illness by up to 21%. Following and promoting sanitary practices at home may make it easier for them to continue these practices while at school.

Creating a mentally healthy environment: Physical illness isn’t the only health risk your child may face in class. Stress, bullying, or even issues like undiagnosed ADD or ADHD can negatively impact their mental health and their ability to stay focused on their studies. Staying aware of the causes of mental health issues, creating a supportive environment at home, encouraging your child to maintain healthy routines, and helping them learn effective coping mechanisms can make it easier for them to maintain a healthy state of mind throughout the school year.

Visit Jamaica Hospital Medical Center’s Ambulatory Care Center to get your child the medical help they need to stay engaged with their studies. You can also visit our Psychiatry Department for help addressing mental health challenges that arise before, during, or after the school year.

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