The Importance of Prenatal Vitamins

Proper nutrition during pregnancy is so important to both mom and her developing baby.

Eating well balanced meals should be every expectant mother’s goal, unfortunately it isn’t always possible. In order to make sure that mother and child are getting all the vitamins and minerals necessary, doctors will often prescribe a prenatal vitamin.

 One of the key ingredients in a prenatal vitamin is folic acid. This is important because it will help to prevent neural tube defects which lead to abnormalities of the brain and spinal cord. It is also important to have the proper amount of vitamin D and calcium as they are important for bone development and growth.. If an expectant mom doesn’t have a diet with sufficient quantities of dairy products fortified with vitamin D or other calcium rich food, then she could consider a supplement containing them.

 Prenatal vitamins should contain iron (30 mg), vitamin C (50 mg), zinc (15 mg), copper (2mg), and vitamin B-6 (2mg)

 The best way to take prenatal vitamins is start them before you conceive so there is a proper level of these vitamins and minerals in the body from the very beginning of pregnancy. Continue to take them during the full term of the pregnancy and continue them if you are going to breast feed.

 Prenatal vitamins are not meant to substitute for well balanced meals but they certainly serve a very important role in keeping mom and her baby healthy. Before you start taking prenatal vitamins you should consult with your physician.

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