Stress is a common trigger for asthma. An asthma trigger is anything that brings on asthma symptoms. When you have stress and asthma, you might feel shortness of breath, anxious, and even panicked. Stress may be a reason for your asthma symptoms to worsen and cause you to feel frightened.

When stress levels start to creep upward, asthma symptoms can progress into overdrive. As the wheezing and coughing gets worse, your health becomes one more reason to worry. Asthma, stress, and anxiety make for a vicious cycle, and one that can spiral downward quickly.

Learning how to manage your stress is important to managing your asthma.  Since stress is a part of daily life, with or without asthma, it is important to find effective ways to manage your stress.  Relaxation and breathing exercises are ways to relax before you feel stressed and can help with shortness of breath and can help avoid an asthma attack.

If the symptoms of asthma persist, you may want to schedule an appointment with your Doctor for further testing.  If you do not have a private physician, the Ambulatory Care Center at Jamaica Hospital Medical has convenient hours of operation and an appointment can be scheduled by calling 718-206-7050.


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