Surprising Things That Can Raise Your Blood Sugar

High blood sugar can lead to various health problems for people living with diabetes. Therefore, it is important to be mindful of triggers that may cause blood sugar levels to elevate.

  • Stress – causes release of certain hormones that raise blood sugar
  • Sunburn – because the pain raises stress
  • Lack of sleep – causes the body to not properly use insulin
  • Artificial sweeteners – may contain carbohydrates
  • Dehydration – causes blood sugar to become more concentrated
  • Medications – ingredients in some cough medications, diuretics, heart medication, oral steroids can raise blood sugar
  • Gum disease – an infection can cause higher blood sugar levels
  • Not eating breakfast – might lead to reduced production of insulin by the pancreas
  • Menstruation – due to hormonal changes
  • Physical inactivity – has the opposite affect of keeping active which reduces blood sugar
  • Caffeine – stimulates hormones that may increase levels
  • Sugar free foods – may contain carbohydrates that serve to raise blood sugar
  • High fat foods – digesting fatty foods causes the body to raise blood sugar
  • Sports drinks – they are usually high in sugar content
  • Birth control pills – the ones that contain estrogen can raise blood sugar

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