Should You Get a Flu Vaccine During the Pandemic?

Many people have asked whether or not they should get the flu shot during this year’s pandemic. According to medical experts, the answer is yes. There are a few very good reasons why getting a flu shot is the correct approach to protecting yourself. These include:

Getting influenza can weaken the body’s defenses and make it more susceptible to other illnesses, including Covid-19.

Since many of the symptoms of influenza and Covid-19 are similar, helping the body to fight off influenza can potentially make Covid-19 less severe.

Wearing a mask and social distancing have the potential to lessen our risk of contracting influenza as well as Covid-19, however these measures aren’t foolproof. A vaccine that will help lower the risk of getting seriously ill offers an added layer of protection..

Getting a flu vaccine during the pandemic may also help to prevent the spread of influenza to others.

It is possible to have the flu and Covid-19 at the same time; however, getting vaccinated can help lessen the severity of certain complications.

If you have any questions about getting one or both of these vaccines, consult with your physician to see if it is appropriate in your individual case. To schedule an appointment with a physician at Jamaica Hospital Medical Center, please call 718-206-7001

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