Ayshea Beswick-Bailey Shares Her “Jamaica Journey”

Thousands of people work at Jamaica Hospital and each has their own unique story to tell about their career path.  The following is one of them.

Ayshea Beswick-Bailey RN, MSN, PMHNP; Clinical Nurse Manager for Psych-3, began her career journey at Jamaica Hospital Medical Center 17 years ago.

Driven by a strong desire to care for others, Ayshea pursued a career in nursing “I always knew I wanted to be a nurse. As a child I enjoyed helping people and was intrigued by anything related to medicine,” she shared.

In 2003, she joined Jamaica Hospital as a Licensed Practical Nurse on 3-North. After receiving her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Lehman College, Ayshea honed her clinical expertise by working in various areas of the hospital as a Float Team RN.  Her next career stop was the E.R., where she worked for almost 10 years.  For Ayshea, working in the E.R. was one of her best experiences.  She said there is no limit to what you can learn there.

Ayshea used the knowledge and experience she gained in the E.R. to transition to the Psychiatry department. While working as a Staff Nurse, Ayshea completed the Master of Science program at Hunter College and received her degree as a Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner.

Throughout her journey at Jamaica Hospital, Ayshea has become known by many for her strong work ethic and willingness to go above and beyond. In fact, she was nominated for a G.E.M award which is given to employees who go the extra mile to help patients and colleagues.

In addition to her commitment to providing excellent care to patients, Ayshea credits her professional growth to the support of her mentors and colleagues.  “My first mentor at Jamaica hospital was Linda Hayes, the Assistant Director of Nursing Administration. She always pushed me and believed in me,” she stated. “I am also very grateful that other leaders such as Marge Lilienthal, Liz Garcia, Dr. Daniel Chen, Dr. Martha Edelman and Dr. Meri Nisimova gave me a chance.”

When asked about her overall experience of working at Jamaica Hospital, Ayshea replied, “I know this may sound cliché, but it is the truth, working at Jamaica Hospital has truly been like working with family. My colleagues have been there during the difficult and best times in my life, including my dad’s cancer diagnosis and recovery, as well as the birth of my kids, two of which I had at this hospital.”

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