Rapid Response Notification

To best serve our patients, Jamaica Hospital has implemented a patient safety initiative known as a Rapid Response Notification. A Rapid Response Notification is initiated whenever a staff member, a patient or a patient’s visitor believes that the patient is experiencing a medical crisis that requires urgent attention.

The criteria for a Rapid Response Notification include:

  • There is a patient emergency and no staff member is present
  • There is a change in the patient’s condition that the health care team is not aware of
  • There are concerns about the patient’s care that they feel are not being addressed.

The Rapid Response Team, comprised of a Third Year Medical Resident and / or Senior Surgical, a Primary Care Nurse, a Critical Care Nurse, a Respiratory Therapist and a Nursing Supervisor will respond to the notification. The Rapid Response Team is committed to providing critical care resources to patients who may be in crisis.

In the event that a health care provider is not present when a medical crisis occurs, Jamaica Hospital has empowered the patient’s bedside visitor to activate a Rapid Response Notification by dialing extension 1234 and providing the patient’s room and bed number.

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