Q and A: Medication Expiration Dates

Q: Do over -the-counter and prescription medications have expiration dates? Do they mean anything and is it safe to take them past the expiration date?

A: Over-the-counter and prescription medications are time stamped with expiration dates.   Time stamps can be found on the labels or on the actual container.  It is important that you pay attention to these dates. The expiration dates indicate a guarantee of full potency and safety within the recommended shelf life.

200248831-001According to the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) – “Don’t be tempted to take expired medications.”  The FDA states, using expired medical products is “risky and possibly harmful to your health.”  This is because the efficiency of a medication may lessen over time due to changes in its chemical composition or a decrease in its potency.

Do You Know How to Dispose of your Expired Medications?

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