Employee Spotlight on Nicole Santucci, RD CDN

This month we are very happy to shine our employee spotlight on Nicole Santucci, a nutritionist who has been working at Jamaica Hospital Medical Center for almost four years.

Nicole grew up on Long Island in North Valley Stream and attended the Willow Road Elementary School, Valley Stream North High School and is a graduate of Syracuse University. She is currently enrolled at Stony Brook University where she will be completing her Master’s degree in May of 2019.

Nicole became interested in nutrition while taking a course at Syracuse University. Having been diagnosed as a Type I Diabetic when she was nine years old, eating healthy became a way of life she needed to adhere to. Her parents were very supportive and she was brought up as any other normal child would be, learning how to manage her diabetes successfully through proper eating habits, exercise and taking her medication. Because she has lived with diabetes for most of her life and learned so much from nutritionists who guided her, she felt it would be a natural fit as a career choice for her. She enjoys working at Jamaica Hospital for many reasons. Her department works well together as a team which is very important. From an educational standpoint she feels that the diverse population of patients will allow her to learn about many different cultures and provide her with invaluable learning experiences.

Nicole has very family strong ties to the Richmond Hill community and to the hospital itself. Not only was her father and many of her relatives born at Jamaica Hospital, but her uncle Thomas Santucci Jr was the Chairman of the Department of Medicine for over 30 years.

In her free time, Nicole enjoys cooking, especially Italian food, going to the movies, running when the weather permits and going to plays in Manhattan. She enjoys traveling and has been to many places both in Europe and the Caribbean. One of her favorite cities is Prague because of its beauty and her mother’s family came from there so she feels a strong connection to it. She enjoys spending time with her dog, a corgi hound mix named Pebbles who is a rescue. Nicole is engaged to be married in the Fall of 2019 so wedding planning are another activity that she is enjoying.

We are fortunate to have Nicole as part of our team of nutritionists at Jamaica Hospital and thank her for playing such an important role in our patients’ treatment.

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