Employee Spotlight Shines on Jo-Ann Campudoni

This month, Jamaica Hospital Medical Center is proud to shine its Employee Spotlight on Jo-Ann Campudoni, Manager at TJH Medical Services, P.C.

Jo-Ann is a native of Queens, New York and grew up in Rockaway Beach, where she still resides to this day.

Jo-Ann graduated from Beach Channel High School in Rockaway and attended Andrews University in Michigan where she majored in Psychology. She has three amazing children of which she is very proud. She has a son who is currently serving in the Coast Guard, a daughter who is a Corporal in the Marines and a younger daughter who works as a customer service supervisor for FedEx. Jo-Ann comes from a very large family; she is the youngest of eight children. Her siblings live in various parts of the country and she wishes that they could see each other more frequently than they do.

Her philosophy on life is to get the most out of it as you can. She believes, “Life may not be perfect but you have to make it an adventure and go ever upward.” In her free time, she enjoys going to concerts, movies, reading books and meeting new people and learning about their experiences. Jo-Ann loves to dance and listen to music. She studied classical ballet, jazz, and contemporary dance. When she was in her teens she danced in the Alvin Ailey Dance Cadre. Her interest in music has brought her to hosting her own Internet radio show which can be found on social media outlets and gives her the opportunity to meet people in the musical world.

Jo-Ann believes in treating each patient with great respect and compassion. She feels that her experiences in life have taught her how much people appreciate being treated well. She enjoys working with her team at TJH because they work together so well. It is very much like a family in her department. Everyone works together to make the patient experience a good one. Jo-Ann looks forward to working with the team for a long time which is a goal we hope she achieves.

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