Employee Spotlight on Jason Jones

This month we are pleased to shine our employee spotlight on Jason Jones, Echotechnologist. Jason has been working at Jamaica Hospital for 11 years. He grew up in Brooklyn where he attended PS 321 in Park Slope and Bishop Ford Catholic High School. He went on to study at the Fashion Institute of Technology where he earned an Associate degree in photography. At the age of 27 Jason joined the U.S. Air Force as a Medical Technician and was stationed in Japan. He currently still lives in Brooklyn with his wife and two daughters.

Upon his return to the United States, Jason worked as a personal trainer at the New York Sports Club before enrolling in the Sanford Brown Institute where he studied to become an Ultrasound Technician.

In his free time Jason enjoys spending time with his two daughters, ages 2 and 11. He and his wife enjoy taking them on trips and doing all kinds of fun things together as a family. Jason also enjoys exercising, all kinds of sports, and he likes many types of music.  On the weekends he likes to cook, and his tastes are wide ranging including Japanese, Italian, Spanish and Indian cuisine.

Jason feels very fortunate to be working at Jamaica Hospital for all of these years. There is a real feeling of being part of a team in his department, and after all these years, it’s really like a family. The work is challenging but it is very rewarding. He feels that his interactions with the patients are going to help improve their quality of life. The technology and skills that he uses each day allows him to combine his love of medicine with his passion for photography. He equates his diagnostic exams to making a movie, where he is putting together a story board of their condition so that the physicians can have a better understanding of how to treat each patient’s condition.

Jason looks forward to having a long career at Jamaica Hospital. While he has no current plans on retiring at the present time, his long range plans include spending more time vacationing in Japan, with the thought of retiring there one day. Japan holds a special place in his heart and he would like to get to return for the Olympics in 2020.  For the time being we are fortunate to have him as a valued member of our team.

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