Will Drinking Soda Make you Sick?

sodaLet’s test your knowledge. What is the single biggest source of calories for Americans? Is it white bread? Fast food? Nope, it’s soda!

American’s drink about two cans of soda every day. You may think that drinking diet soda, with no calories or sugar is the perfect way to satisfy you need for soda.  Think again.  Drinking diet soda has its own set of side effects that may harm your health.

Unfortunately, diet soda is more in vogue than ever. Kids consume diet soda at more than double the rate of the last decade, according to research in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. Among adults, consumption has grown almost 25%.

Some side effects of drinking too much soda are:

  • Declining Kidney function
  • High risk of metabolic syndrome
  • Bellyfat
  • High Cholesterol
  • Heart Disease
  • Obesity
  • Cavities
  • Gum Disease

So, you have to ask yourself, are you making the right choice when reaching out for a can of soda, diet or regular?  The answer is, no. Drinking soda is bad for your health in so many ways.  Science can’t even state all the consequences. Water is and has been the healthier alternative.

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