Centering Care: Share Your Prenatal Experience With Other Expectant Moms

Centering.457095671Frustrated by short prenatal visits that leave you with more questions than answers? You might be interested in learning about a new, very popular and effective form of prenatal care.

 Centering Pregnancy incorporates a group care model that provides a dynamic and lively atmosphere for learning and sharing that is difficult to create during a typical prenatal care visit. During a centering modeled pre-natal care visit, a group of women with similar gestational ages meet together, to participate in a provider facilitated discussion. Through this unique model of care, women have an opportunity to share similar experiences, receive support, and empower one another to choose healthy behaviors during their pregnancies.

Centering Pregnancy maintains all the same patient-centered elements of traditional prenatal care, but incorporates them into an interactive experience for expectant mothers and their families. At the beginning of each session, patients have a brief individual assessment by the care provider before joining the group to discuss key health topics and the exchange of information and education on shared health experiences.  Each group visit lasts under two hours with your healthcare provider guiding the session.

Each group meets for a total of 10 sessions throughout pregnancy. Sessions begin during the first trimester and meet at regular prenatal intervals until delivery. After delivery, the group meets for a reunion session during the postpartum period.

The satisfaction expressed by both the women and their providers support the effectiveness of this model of care.  Women who have participated in centering-based prenatal care have expressed a high level of fulfillment and motivation. Professionals report that the group setting provides them with renewed satisfaction in delivering quality care. Some of the many benefits of centering care include reduction in preterm birth, higher birth weight and increased breastfeeding rates.

Jamaica Hospital now offers Centering Prenatal care at its Women’s Health Care Center. For more information about Jamaica Hospital’s Centering Program, please call 718-291-3276.


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